Don't Let Bookkeeping Become a Hassle

Arrange for bookkeeping services from our firm in Marion, IL

As a business owner, you have plenty of things to do during your day-to-day. Keeping up with the books might slip through the cracks. If you need a hand with your business's finances, turn to Lucas Accounting Solutions LLC. Our accounting firm in Marion, IL provides top-notch bookkeeping services. We can:

Select accounting software
Offer business advice
Handle account reconciliations
Manage automated accounts payable
Provide detailed financial statements

You can count on us to keep you prepared and informed about your business's financial situation. You'll rest easy knowing that our trained professionals are taking care of your books.

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Check out our tiers of bookkeeping services

Not every business needs the same accounting services. That's why our accounting firm provides different tiers of services. You can choose from:

  • Tier 1: We'll help with bookkeeping, but you'll stay in control of your ledgers. Our staff will periodically check the books to make corrections or give advice.
  • Tier 2: We'll do all of your bookkeeping for you. Our staff will provide you with periodic financial statements and meet with you to discuss them.
  • Tier 3: We'll manage all of your accounting and work as a CFO for your business. Our staff will offer valuable strategic advice and take bookkeeping fully off your plate.

You can choose the package that will support your specific needs. Find out more about our different service tiers when you reach out to us today.